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The Best Travel Insurance

A comprehensive analysis of travel insurance offers currently available on the Polish market has been carried out and the top 3 best insurance solutions have been selected.


When comparing travel insurance options in Poland, it's essential to consider various factors like coverage details, customer support, ease of use, and pricing. The results of the review is presented below:

Coverage Details:

  • Allianz offers a range of plans including single-trip, annual, and multi-trip options. They are noted for their comprehensive coverage and options that cater to different needs, from basic to premium levels​.

  • Generali provides competitive medical and evacuation coverage amounts, particularly on their higher-tier plans. Their coverage is generally seen as robust and flexible, accommodating different types of travelers​.

  • AXA also offers a broad spectrum of coverage options, including high medical coverage amounts on their premium plans. AXA's plans are competitive, particularly in terms of pricing and the inclusion of additional features like sports equipment and pet boarding fee coverage in case of travel delay​.

Customer Support:

  • All three companies provide comprehensive support options, including online resources, phone support, and live chat capabilities. The availability and quality of support can vary, but each has established a solid infrastructure for customer assistance.

Ease of Use:

  • The process of obtaining quotes and managing policies online is streamlined across all three companies. They offer user-friendly websites and interfaces that make purchasing and managing travel insurance straightforward.


  • Allianz is known for offering a wide range of pricing options that can accommodate various budgets and travel needs​.

  • Generali tends to have competitive pricing, especially considering the high coverage limits provided on their plans​.

  • AXA offers some of the most competitively priced plans, especially their high-tier options which come with extensive coverage​.


Overall, Generali and AXA tend to offer higher coverage limits, which might be more appealing if you're looking for robust protection. Allianz, while slightly more expensive, provides extensive options and a solid reputation for service quality. Your choice should depend on the specific coverage needs, the nature of your trip, and your budget preferences.​


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